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Lecture: Internet of Things – how your everyday life will be affected

We have gotten used to computers, smart phones, iPads, even to wearing small computer-like gadgets around our wrist when we’re working out – then imagine what happens when all these things connect to each other and with you. Add the computers we have in our homes, cars, elevators, dishwashers, radiators and toys, and you’ll end up with the Internet of Things, yet another step that will affect our daily lives. The question is how and what choices we have: how will our everyday life be effected by the Internet of Things?

This question is explored in this lecture by Kristina Höök, KTH/SICS, David Cuartielles, Medea/Malmö University and Martin Thörnkvist, Media Evolution. See the presentation embedded below or go here for the Bambuser broadcast.

Kristina Höök’s presentation starts at 55 secs
David Cuartielles’ at 39 mins 30 secs
Martin Thörnkvist’s at 1 h 7 mins 10 secs

About the lecturers
Kristina Höök, professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and SICS, Swedish Institute of Computer Science. David Cuartielles, research fellow at Medea, Malmö University and co-founder of the open-source prototyping platform Arduino. Martin Thörnkvist, Media Evolution

This lecture is part # 123 in the lecture series Skiften at Malmö University:

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Image credit: Flickr user cgti CC:BY-NC-ND