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Homo Explorens: Designing for embodied social play

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 50-percent seminar of interaction design PhD student Mads Høbye whose work deals with the concept of designing for Homo Explorens. The seminar takes place in the Medea studio on Monday, April 23.

*Update! This seminar will be live-tweeted @medeamalmo. See slides embedded below or on Issuu*

Excerpt from the “cover letter”:
My work deals with the concept of designing for Homo Explorens. The term is an umbrella concept for exploring embodied social dynamics within interaction design. Playful and engaging tactics are used to let participants explore interactive artifacts and the social dynamics they provoke. Ultimately these processes transform the participants and make them performers.

Different aspects of Homo Explorens is illuminated through repeated experiments, hence the artifacts themselves serve as exemplars for other scholars to criticise and hopefully also get inspired by. It is my intention to distill general abstractions from the concrete exemplars. In my findings to this point, elements like social play, ambiguity, performativity and embodied interaction aesthetics are key dimension of designing for Homo Explorens. Further investigations may uncover more strategies.

The full package of material to be addressed at the seminar is found at

Date and time: Monday, April 23, 13-16
Location: Medea, Ö. Varvsgatan 11 A.
Opponent: docent Daniel Fällman of Umeå University and the Interactive Institute

The seminar starts with a 20-minute presentation from Mads, and then the opponent leads a discussion on the seminar materials and on directions for continued work.

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