This website will shut down on 31 December 2021! Empowering Fans in Planning Live Concerts

In co-production with Medea, Markus Wiklander has been able to merge his interests to develop a platform for planning live concerts:

— The idea of ​​our model is to give more power to the people. It’s the fans who take the initiative, Wiklander says.

The website has been around since last fall and has this far resulted in a handful of local events – including concerts at Stapelbädden and Moriska Paviljongen in Folkets park in Malmö.

— Currently, we work on a regional level. But this fall we’ll get more international. The platform is built for that, says founder and entrepreneur Markus Wiklander, when we meet in the building in which The Emues Group has its minimal and simply furnished office.

The digital platform Emues is a venue meant to benefit all who are interested or involved in live music – music venues, performers and fans. Through, fans are encouraged to suggest an artist they would like to perform in their city. When a predetermined number of tickets are sold, the concert will be organized. This is for the arrangement to be carried out without financial loss.

— The traditional way to organize concerts involves great financial risk. You book the band, you pay for marketing and hope to get enough people to show up. With, you only go through with the concert if you know that the economy is secured. At the same time, the audience and the fans get a new role, as concert promoters.

From a fuzzy idea to a working concept
Markus Wiklander has developed the platform in a co-production project with Professor Jonas Löwgren and media developer Richard Topgaard at the Malmö University research centre Medea. Financial support has been granted through the innovation agency Vinnova and the Knowledge Foundation.

— We worked with system development and design, and could turn a rather fuzzy idea into a concept that works. This development period was very valuable to me, says Wiklander.

Thanks to this work, Markus Wiklander can finally combine his two great interests: new IT technology and music. He has over the years played bass in several bands while studying for a BSc with specialization in computer science at Malmö University and graduate level courses in Sydney, Australia. Since then he has also worked as project manager for a mobile phone company for several years.

— Pretty early I realized that there was a link between music and the new technology. I therefore took leave from Sony Ericson to work with the idea.

Where does the revenue of come from?
— We are ticket agents and have the same price range as other ticket agents.

What’s the next step?
— We have a solid base for investors to invest in. We will also market ourselves through social media and music festivals, says Markus Wiklander.

This is how works
# Artists, venues and fans register as users on Artists and venues then specifies the dates they are available for Emues concerts, as well as their costs and requirements. Fans create their profile with details on artist, genre and venue preferences. Where available dates and other requirements match between artist and music venue, anyone can propose a concert, and you will see what the ticket price will be and how many tickets need to be sold. After the concert proposal has been accepted by the artist and the venue, everyone can purchase tickets to the concert. When enough tickets have been sold, the concert is on. If the concert doesn’t sell enough tickets, or is canceled for any reason, the user will receive a refund.

# Currently, some 50 artists and six music venues are using, including Debaser and Babel in Malmö and Mejeriet in Lund.

This text was originally published as Konsertsajt ger mer makt åt publiken on the Malmö University main website, written by PM Eriksson.

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