Challenge: use open data, design a utility that makes your city a better place

Global innovation marketplace Innocentive has teamed up the the Economist and created a challenge where you should (1) find an open data set from a local government, (2) design a utility that would make the city/town/neighborhood a better place and (3) visualize the data to tell your story. The winners will present their ideas to high-profile leaders in the business of big data and information technology at the Ideas Economy event 2012.

Deadline: March 17, 2012. Apply here!

Challenge Overview
The Economist is looking for clever data-driven visualizations that show how improvements to a public utility or infrastructure would improve the health, happiness, safety, aesthetics, etc. of a community. The best submissions will present a compelling analysis of public data and an elegant evidence-based solution.

The overall winner will be given a unique opportunity to present their idea to high-profile leaders in the business of big data and information technology at the upcoming Economist Ideas Economy: Information event in San Francisco, California, USA on June 5-6, 2012. In addition, the winning Solver will receive: an honorarium of $1000, compensation for travel expenses, admission for themselves and a guest, an interview with an Economist editor live on-stage at the event, video promotion of the event recording on and through social media channels, publicity for the winning solution in the post-event wrap report to all delegates/speakers, and an official meeting with members of the Ideas Economy programming team to discuss ideas for venture capital or public policy.

Read the full challenge.

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Image credit: Flickr user okfn CC:BY-SA

Kudos to Jonas Löwgren for spotting this challenge.