Open Your Door From Everywhere – an Internet Connected Doorlock

This internet connected doorlock started as an idea during the 48h Hackathon event hosted by MEDEA and STPLN in february as an opening party of the prototyping lab Fabriken. The doorlock project have since then lived on and is now at a stable prototype level. Based on a Arduino ethernet board and a “off-the-shelf door-engine”, you are not anymore bound to open and close your door standing close to the door, but can do it from wherever – great if your kids lock themself out or if DHL is dropping off a package!

View the demo video embedded below, or on YouTube.

You can have a look at the app in App Store here.

Read more about the 48h Hackathon and about the prototyping lab Fabriken.

Image credit: chrisinplymouth CC:BY-NC-SA