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MEDEA INSIGHT: Exploring engaging interactions on December 14

> December 14 at 15:00-18:00 at MEDEA <

It is important to interact with audiences, customers and citizens. Interactivity, inclusion and participation are key words that many professionals strive for. But how do you actually create engaging digital interactions, that triggers participants curiosity and motivating them to dig deeper into the interaction?

Medea invites you to a workshop in exploring engaging interactions. To fully understand the digital interactions it is important to try it out and explore it yourself – this understanding is not fully transferred by only looking at pictures and reading about it. Therefore a major part of the workshop will be about making quick prototypes to try out and get an understanding of how ones relate to them in the interaction – how different parameters affects the interaction. We will discuss with a starting point in ambiguous computing and reflectivity vs. immersion. We will be using the Microsoft Kinect sensor and projectors as starting point for our digital sketches.

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Practical Information

Time: December 14 at 15:00-18:00
Place: MEDEA, Ö Varvsg. 11A (here’s a map)
For whom: artists, producers, designers, event managers, communication/PR managers, city planners, others interested in the field.
How: Maximum 10 participants (first come first served). We prefer a small group, so we have a chance to do 2-3 iterations of prototyping during this 3 hours session.
Other information: The event is for free. Technical knowledge or experience is not required to participate. The workshop will be held in English.
Sign up: We would like for you to fill out this form. We would like to know a little about you and your interests and hear if you have any ideas or experiments you would like us to try out during the workshop.

Workshop leaders – Mads Høbye and Ixagon
This workshop is done as a collaboration between Mads Høbye and Ixagon. Mads has worked extensively with computer vision based interaction and the company Ixagon are developing projection mapping software.

Mads Høbye (b. 1980) a PhD student in interaction design at Medea, Malmö University and co-founder of, a collaborative interactive art studio in Copenhagen. He focuses on how digital material can be used for exploring social transformative play situated in the context of everyday life. Mads has done multiple big scale installations and working prototypes which he uses as a basis for his PhD. Within Medea he is known for his Mediated Body Suit that explores intimacy between strangers.

Ixagon is a Malmo based company focusing on multiple surface projection software and custom interactive exhibitions. With background in Interaction design, software development and physical prototyping they hold the capacity to deliver complete solutions from concept and research to finalized products. Ixagon is made up by Axel Jacobson, Ivar Boson and Jonas Stenberg.

Medea Insight Series
This is the third seminar/workshop in the new series of Medea Insight. This is an opportunity for a smaller group of participants to gain insight into Medea researcher’s projects and research areas related to collaborative (new) media. The series is to some extent built on exploratory and hands-on related work, so that you as a participant will have a chance to learn and explore these areas. Two additional Medea Insight workshops will be held during the autumn: Skapande utifrån plats, mobilitet, interaktivitet och nya medier and Open Culture.

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Photo cred: Mads Høbye