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The blog Curating Media & Design is an academic news service where we share links to relevant books, articles and CFP within academic subjects related to media and design.

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Open-access for maximum spreadability
To the greatest extent possible, we try to share articles that can be accessed by everyone and not just academics with access to library journal subscriptions. If the article is not publicly available on the publisher’s website, we try to locate the self-archived version or it, or convince the authors to self-archive it (read more about self-archiving).

Content sources and frequency
The content comes from various mailing lists and from monitoring keywords on Google Scholar. About 5-7 items are posted two days per week.

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You can add your own suggestion by submitting a story on Tumblr or contact the author of this post. Self-promotion is allowed.

Will this news service live forever?
Currently, this is a one-man show (not very collaborative, ey?). The longevity of this news service depends on how many subscribers we can get and how much you subscribers start to submit content yourselves! Any comments and contributions are greatly appreciated!

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