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The Conference: Paola Antonelli (MoMA) and Amber Case (Geoloqi)

The Conference is a – you guessed it – conference where people from the media industries meet to discuss the future. This year’s conference deals with three main themes: future audiences, future technology and how the way we create media change. Visit The Conference’s website here.

Embedded below are a few of the highlights from day 1.

Paola Antonelli, MoMA, on design beyond chairs

Paola Antonelli has been working at the The Museum of Modern Art in New York since the 90s and talks about the various exhibitions they have had dealing with design. The current exhibition, Talk to Me, explores the communication between people and things. Antonelli also emphasized the need for design criticism which is something MEDEA researcher Jonas Löwgren also has written about in the article Interaction Criticism. If you want to learn more about design theory you should attend the open lecture series design?! taking place this fall at STPLN/Fabriken.

Amber Case, Geoloqi, on Cyborg Anthropology and the Future of the Interface

Amber Case is a “cyber anthropologist” and UX designer talks about the way our gadgets are extensions of our mental selfs and she starts off with Steve Mann’s ideas that computers should be wearable. At MEDEA, PhD Student Mads Høbye has developed the Mediated Body Suit – a physical suit that facilitates social play between a performer and a participant. When they touch each other’s bare skin, they both hear a complex sound pattern.

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