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Man & Machine: The Internet of Things on The Conference

One of the main themes of The Conference was “Man & Machine” dealing with, for instance, the notion of Internet of Things. This is a field we at MEDEA will start digging much deeper into over the coming years, read our director’s thoughts on this.

The session Internet of Things. When everything is connected discussed how the internet of things will change our daily life, and what philosophical implications come when objects are sensing and controlling the world around us.

MÅNS ADLER, founder of Bambuser and working at MEDEA’s Living Lab Fabriken, talked about what we can achieve when everything is connected.

DAVID CUARTIELLES, founder of the open-source hardware platform Arduino and a researcher at MEDEA, showed the Arduino platform in action.

JOAKIM FORMO from the User Experience Lab of Ericsson envisioned how we might interact with our things in the future.

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Man & Machine: The Internet of Things on The Conference
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