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From "Vårstädningen": A weekend full of workshops at Fabriken

In the end of May Living Lab Fabriken at STPLN organised a workshop weekend focusing on the themes Re-use, Re-Pair, and Re-claim. Two days full of experimental open workshops, and activities were offered to the participants. The program included: Make a Toy, Second hand re-design, Bakery, Bicyle kitchen, Tantverket, and Urban gardening workshops. In total some fifty people participated in the program. Others came to work on their own projects,  for example Vision – Prototyp – Pitch award-winning projects, utilising our brand new CNC drill, and overlock sewing machine, or other equipment available in the lab space.

[Photos from Day 1] [Photos from Day 2]

One of the guiding principles behind the Fabriken concept is to on all levels, from individual to societal, strive to follow a sustainable approach. To support such approach during the weekend the participants were encouraged to build new stuff from old material, do re-design, try out various kinds of techniques, and exchange skills, experiences, and knowledge with the Fabriken community.

One example was the Re-design Second hand workshop on how to give old clothes a new style, or how to personalise mass-produced goods. Another example was the Making a Toy workshop where kids were invited to build new toys by using old pieces of toys. A third example was the Bakery workshop, which was the first project in our (still in planning) experimental food lab focusing on a sustainable approach on food production and consumption.

Also the craft community Tantverket organised a workshop on handicraft techniques. In case you missed the workshop, but are interested in joining the community, Tantverket meets every Thursday night at Fabriken, 7 pm – 10 pm. For more information join the Tantverket Facebook group.

The Urban Gardening workshop resulted in a small garden outside the entrance of STPLN. A variety of flower, herbs, and vegetables were planted. In August we will to harvest the treasures, and maybe organise a harvest festival. The plants need to be nurtured during the summer, so all gardening assistance is most welcome.

What happens next?
There is plenty of material left from the workshops which are available, and free to use for anyone interested in running projects in the lab space, and joining the Fabriken community. In case you would like to build toys, use something from the wardrobe of second hand clothes, or use any of the many bags of soil that are left from the gardening workshop shop, please feel free to do so. For more information on how to access material, please come to the Open Lab space on Thursdays, or contact lab manager Måns Adler, or Chris Vighagen, Anna Seravalli, Elisabet M. Nilsson at MEDEA.

Fabriken opening hours during the summer
Fabriken will be open all summer. Opening hours are weekdays from 10 am to 4 pm, and Open Lab space every Thursday night from 6 pm to 11 pm. For more information about up-coming events, and direction see STPLN.