Medea on the move: a word from our new director

Now I’m finally in place as the new director of Medea and the start has been intense, vibrant and energetic. Medea is a moving and inspiring environment and in its organizational design it is in itself a manifestation of the Open Source and Open Innovation dynamics. The bright, spacious rooms are often full of people from all sorts of environments and in the large, open rooms there are continuous conversations, processes and creative meetings.

Medea has been in existence for two years and is a moving, dynamic organisation based on the researchers and their meetings with companies, institutions and individuals, all with a strong interest in the opportunities now opening itself through new and collaborative media. During these two years the concept has been continually evaluated, revised and developed and I feel most privileged to enter into this environment – where employees are dedicated and passionate about their areas of interest.

In 2011, Internet of Things will be a focus area for Medea. This is a natural development as the researchers of Malmö University and Medea are behind the internationally acclaimed Open Source platform Arduino and when Google the other week launch its Arduino platform the interest for joint research completely exploded from the companies in the region.

I’ve now been in place here at Medea for a week and if the commitment I have met during this short period is representative for the coming years I can guarantee that Malmö University and Medea will be heard, noticed and active in the development of the new media sector both in the region, in Sweden and on the international arena for innovation and R & D development.

2 thoughts on “Medea on the move: a word from our new director”

  1. I am from one of the companies nearby that is inspired by your arena and the players @MEDEA:twitter. Good luck in your new role and hope we can meet next time I visit MEDEA.

    • Hello Henrik! Great to here from you – we are always keen to work with you at IBM and I am forever your follower after seeing that most impressive espresso devise – it rules!

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