Lecture: Takeshi Sunaga on the Next Generation of Designers

TAKESHI SUNAGA is professor of Information Design at the Tama University of the Arts (TAU) in Tokyo, Japan. Professor Sunaga visited Malmö University to finalize the exchange programme between Tama University and School of Arts and Communication (K3), Malmö University. While here, he dropped by MEDEA and gave a lecture about his work. Currently, professor Sunaga is working on a new approach in design education; a new school for the next generation of designers, based on multidisciplinary and participatory design practices.

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Viewing guide:
00:00 Simon Niedenthal introduction
01:30 Professor Sunaga talks about the Tama University of Arts
19:00 About his projects
58:30 Q&A

To find out more about the Malmö University-Tama exchange programme, contact Simon Niedenthal.

About Takeshi Sunaga
Professor Takeshi Sunaga professor of Information Design at the Tama University of the Arts (TAU) in Tokyo, Japan and one of the founding members of the Information Design Department. Professor Sunaga has focused his work in recent years on a national research project on “Designing Participatory Platforms for People Art”. This project has been funded by the Japanese government for several years and consists of the major research areas Design, Technology and Social Science.

Professor Sunaga’s background lies in Product Design, as well as Design and Cognitive Science. He received a degree in Product Design from TAU and went on to continue his studies at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, in an interdisciplinary program for Design and Cognitive Science, where he also got awarded his PhD in Design. He joined the HumanComputer Interaction program at Stanford University, US 1995-1996.

Information Design Department
The Information Design Department was established in 1998 focusing on new design problems in regards to an emerging information based society and new digital technologies. The program is based at the Hachioji campus on the outskirts of Tokyo and consists of two bachelor courses – Information Design and Media Art. Each course provides a specific curriculum for 60 students per year – a total of 240 students in each of the 4 year programs.

Tama Art University
Tama Art University (TAU) was established in 1935 in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan and is one of several large Art Universities in Tokyo. TAU consists of two faculties based in two campuses. The Faculty of Art is situated at the Hachioji campus in the suburbs of Tokyo; the Faculty of Art and Communication is at the Setagaya campus, in central Tokyo. Overall more than 4000 students from all over Japan and many other countries are enrolled at TAU, in both bachelor and graduate programs. TAU offers twelve different bachelor programs from Fine Art to Design at the Hachioji campus and 3 further programs at the Setagaya campus. Six different graduate programs are offered.

A famous TAU Alumni amongst others, is Kashiwa Sato who became known as the branding director of UNIQLO. Tama Art University believes in the importance of a strong cooperation between the corporate world and academia and research. This leads to a wide range of collaborations, from small local companies, to cutting edge companies, such as CAMPER, NESTLE, NIKE, HONDA, HITACHI, YAHOO! Japan and others. Another important focus is on a wide range of international collaborations, such as the annual half-year exchange program with the Art Center in California, or the BANANA project which aims to activate and enhance local industries and innovation in Uganda, Rwanda and Philippines.