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Toy, Bike and Urban Gardening Workshops, May 21-22

On May 21-22 Living Lab Fabriken organises a “Vårstädning” (spring-cleaning) with a special focus on Re-use, Re-Pair, Re-claim. Participants are welcome to fix their clothes, gadgets, bikes, or whatever they would like to work on. They are encouraged to build new stuff from old material, re-design, try out various kinds of techniques, and exchange skills, experiences, and knowledge with the Fabriken community.

Facilities, machines, and tools are provided by Fabriken. The participants bring their project ideas, visions, and materials. What will happen is actually all up to the attendants. They decide what topics to work on, and how to do it. Fabriken provides the site and the framework. Besides working on their own projects participants are also welcome to join a number workshops organised by local actors.

Workshop program
See STPLN web site for the full workshop program and practical information.
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Co-design of Fabriken
The event “Vårstädning” is part of a series of actions, and interventions initiated by MEDEA and STPLN. The aim is to engage the users, invite them to be co-design the Fabriken lab space in a user-driven process. The event also aims at fostering and supporting a sustainable approach, which is one of the guiding principles behind the Fabriken concept.

Image credit: Arne Hendriks. CC:BY-NC