Thursday nights with Tantverket at Fabriken

Tantverket is a meeting place for all of you with an interest in needlework, and handicraft culture, hosted by Fabriken at STPLN. Every Thursday night 7 pm – 10 pm people gather to create things together, learn from each other, and co-produce. Smart handicraft techniques from the past are being re-discovered, explored, and put into new contexts.

The premier date is set to May 12. Themes of the opening night are upholstery, repairs and modifications. Some material will be available but the idea is that participants bring their own material to work on; a glove without a thumb, a shirt without buttons, clothes to re-design.

Join Tantverket on Facebook, and sign-up for the premiere event.

Tantverket is a project initiated by Mormors verkstad, and MEDEA, STPLN. For more questions, contact Luisa Carbonelli at Briza maxima.

Co-designing the Fabriken lab space
Tantverket is part of a series of actions, and interventions initiated by MEDEA and STPLN. The aim is to engage the users, and invite them to co-design the Fabriken lab space. By expressing their needs and requirements in terms of equipment, technologies, and resources they contribute to identify what investments ought to be made in order to get the lab going. The event also aims at fostering and supporting a sustainable approach, which is one of the guiding principles behind the Fabriken concept.

Image credit: habeebee CC:BY-NC-ND