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Power to the Pixel Report

One of the projects running as part of MEDEA’s Living Lab the Stage is the transmedia enterprise Granny’s Dancing on the Table. This project won the prestigious ARTE Pixel Pitch Awards in London 2010. Every year, a Think Tank Report dealing with the current status of crossmedia/transmedia is written by the sharpest thinkers and media business innovators in this field. Here are a few highlights from this report.

Michel Reilhac, Executive Director ARTE France Cinéma, defines crossmedia/transmedia as:

“an art form built on a new relationship between story and audience, enabled by social media and Internet technologies. It used media platforms to ‘optimise immersion’ and to encourage forms of ‘communal ownership.'”

Liz Rosenthal, founder & CEO of Power to the Pixel continues:

“But maybe there will be a time in the not-so-distant future when it becomes irrelevant to define a project as cross-media, as it will be universally expected that a story should be experienced across multiple platforms and we will simply focus once more on storytelling.”

This report is well worth reading and can be downloaded here:

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Image credit: Ian Broyles CC:BY-NC-SA