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Lecture/Seminar: Sanna Marttila on Media Design

SANNA MARTTILA is a Doctor of Arts candidate in New Media at Aalto University, School of Art and Design at the Media Lab in Helsinki. She is visiting MEDEA during the spring of 2011.

In the seminar held on April 27, Marttila aimed to shed light to some of the current understandings of the emerging field of Media Design and, furthermore, the seminar participants tried to map the characteristics, definitions and dimensions of Media Design and the role of the media designer. See video embedded below or follow this YouTube link. See bottom of this post for suggested readings on Media Design.

If you prefer to listen to this presentation as an audio podcast, please subscribe to the podcast Media, Communication and Design on iTunes or click here for more alternatives.

Marttila’s research focuses on how the field of audiovisual media is changing, and how its actors find a role and a position in this new ecosystem. She studies the strategies related to how media companies, television channels and other established actors in the field of media interact and collaborate with bottom-up, distributed and participative communities online. Her interest includes in particular design of audiovisual media in the context of collaborative online platforms and media installations.

Read more about Marttila here.

A video of Marttila’s presentation will be posted shortly. Below you can find some current writings on Media Design (1-2); and how everyday people are participating in creation and production of media content in various levels (3-4), and what it might mean for the designers (5).

Media Design
1) Faust, Jurgen (2010). Designing design and designing media. Access this article on

2) Moggridge, Bill (2010) Designing Media. Access chapter 3 – New connections here (pdf); the whole book and interviews can be browsed on

Participation in production of media content
3) Bruns, Axel (2010) Exploring the Pro‐Am Interface between Production and Produsage. Access this text on

4) Schäfer, M.T. (2011) Bastard Culture! How User Participation Transforms Cultural Production. Introduction chapter is available on This book is part of the MediaMatters series published by Amsterdam University Press.

What does it mean for the designers?
5) Botero A, Kommonen K-H, Marttila S (2010) ‘Expanding Design Space: Design-In-Use Activities and Strategies’. In Proceedings of the DRS 2010 Conference on Design and Complexity. Ed: Durling D; Bousbaci R, Chen L-L, Gautier P, Poldma T, Roworth-Stokes S, Stolterman E. Montreal, CA. DRS. Access on Google Docs.

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