Fabriken Pitch: five project ideas awarded

This weekend the idea competition Vision – Prototyp – Pitch was organised to celebrate the grand opening of STPLN, including MEDEA’s third Living Lab Fabriken.

Talented innovators were invited to pitch ideas, and present their dream projects in front of a jury, and an audience. After a hard selection process the jury decided to nominate five project ideas that each received a grant worth 5 000 SEK.

The awarded ideas in Vision – Prototyp – Pitch 2011 are:

Consumption Cube
By Johan Palm, Thomas Rogowiec, and Jacob Svensson
The Consumption Cube is a tool developed to save energy by monitoring consumption of electricity in a home environment. By detecting and turning off electronic equipment that is not in use, energy is being saved. More info: http://vimeo.com/21499780

By Simon Eriksson, Jocke Lindh, and Kristofer Nilsson
Demobanken aims at supporting unsigned bands to reach of to a wider audience by providing a scene, and an online forum. More info: www.demobanken.wordpress.com

By Jonathan Lidesköld
Gatherly is a positioning service for mobile phones that will make it easier to gather  your friends. Instead of focusing on check-ins, like e.g. Foursquare, the focus is on facilitating the everyday life. More info: http://gatherly.posterous.com/

Long distance communication
By Martina Uhlig
The idea is to make the long distance communication between family members or partners more tangible, and but also non intrusive at the same time by using touchscreen technologies to share digital canvases.

Pee Better
By Christian Pagh, UiWE
The project deals with people’s peeing habits in public space. The aim is to create better, easier ways and strategies for women to pee at events, festivals and concerts.

We also direct our gratitudes to the rest of the innovators participanting in the competition for great project presentations, and for sharing inspiring thoughts, and ideas. Other projects ideas presented on Saturday were e.g.:

Doorbell for my cat
By John Berntsen
The idea consists of making a doorbell that only rings if a cat, or dog is sitting at the door. The concept is implemented by the use of technologies, such as a weight cell.

By Svetlana Suvorina
A set of installations of trees in public space. The trees are equipped with sensors, and react when people are passing by etc.

Depth Perception
By Marcus Ghaly
The idea is to mix current computer vision, and movement-based interactions with haptics and kineasthetics to create a device to assist the blind. More info: http://vimeo.com/21030971

Mind the plant
By Jens Andersson
The product presented is a flowerpot produced of recycled materials from construction sites, more specifically, the plastic covering the scaffolding. Instead of being discarded, the weather-resistant plastic is recycled and turned into a product. More info: http://www.mindtheplant.com

By Nils Thalin
The idea is to develop a QR service that supports users’ feedback by using their smartphones. The system consists of quick response codes in strategic locations, and a web application that handles the feedback.

Thank you also to the jury panel: Alf Condelius, business developer, MEDEA, Malmö högskola; Anna Seravalli, PhD Candidate, MEDEA, Malmö högskola; Caroline Lundholm, manager, STPLN; David Sjunnesson, co-founder, 1scale1; Luisa Carbonelli, culture producer and co-founder, Briza maxima AB; Tina Giannopoulos, project manager, Malmö stad; Tony Olsson, co-founder, 1scale1; Bertil Björk, co-founder, Cykelköket@STPLN, as well as the Måns Adler for handling the prize ceremony.

From now on Fabriken will be open on a daily basis. Everybody are most welcome to continue to develop ideas and projects with the framework of the lab. See STPLN web site for opening hours.