Arduino for Hipsters at Fabriken

This Thursday I will be hosting an Arduino workshop for beginners that I have titled “Arduino for hipsters”. The idea is to work with people that aren’t really attracted to electronics as a subject but that have an interest in getting to know what this is all about. To me it will be an experiment in introducing a prototyping platform to a new type of crowd. I hope a lot of interesting questions will pop up. Newcomers are always pushing the limits in terms of imagination when figuring out not just what is possible to do but also when thinking about how could something like Arduino become relevant to them.


1. Arduino, What is that?!

2. Blink as if you didnt care

3. Face in 256 shades of Grey

4. Beep is a postrock orgasm

5. Give up movming, remote control EVERYTYHING!!

What to bring with you

1. If you have your arduino gear, bring it!

2. You need a laptop…and one that works!

(we will not fix that oldie you got from your dad)

** No matter if Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

3. Something to drink…what is up to you!!

4. Food to share

How much does this cost?

ZERO…sharing is caring!

About the instructor:

David Cuartielles is one of the arduino founders, doesn’t own a suit but will run this workshop with a tie!!

Where? AT STPLN – Fabrikken (in the basement)

When? Thursday 28th of April, 2011

Time? From 5pm to 8pm


I made a hand-drawn poster for the workshop:

Arduino for hipsters, workshop at STPLN
Arduino for hipsters, workshop at STPLN

For more details about the venue, check this link.

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