Lecture: Erik Bünger on Re-contextualizing Media

On March 25, musician, composer and performance artist Erik Bünger gave a lecture/performance at MEDEA as part of the K3 courses “Music in the Digital Media Landscape” and “Illustrating with Music”. Bünger is known for remixing and re-contextualizing media texts in interesting ways.

The below embedded performance is called Schizophonia which highlights the relationship between sound and perceived reality, using popular references and familiar footage including Barack Obama and Woody Allen.

Video: Erik Bünger performs Schizophonia (38 min)

Bünger’s performance was followed by a Q&A between the performer and students from K3 courses Music in the Digital Media Landscape and Illustrating with Music.

Video: Erik Bünger and students Q&A (103 min)

More on the artist:

The Swedish artist, composer, musician and writer Erik Bünger (1976) works with re-contextualising existing media in performances, installations and web projects. In ‘Gospels’, sections of Hollywood interviews are removed from their original contexts, interacting to form a new, seemingly coherent whole. Yet these pre-existing works frequently conflict; Bünger explores the disjunction between replaying and experiencing in his ‘Lecture on Schizophonia’. This simultaneously analytical and performative work highlights the relationship between sound and perceived reality, using popular references and familiar footage including Barak Obama and Woody Allen. Similar tensions are exposed in ‘God Moves on the Water’, in which two songs about the sinking of the Titanic are combined to form a third narrative. In ‘The Third Man’, the negative power of music is explored. Displacing and recombining familiar material, Bünger challenges the separation between authentic and simulated experiences.

Bünger may have followed a traditional education in composition at the Stockholm Royal College of Music, but he is hardly a run-of-the-mill composer. His works have increasingly come to approach contemporary conceptual art, but his combination of sound and visual is also linked to literary storytelling. In his performances, installations and web projects, different timelines are superposed, past worlds and present understandings. The most important thing about Bünger’s work is not the art or literature context but the transformation that takes place in the specific works. What may seem trivial and inconsequential suddenly becomes the stuff of dreams. He is attracted to moments when recorded sound and image bridge a space between absolutes, between death and life and between gods and humankind.

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