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Sanna Marttila – Visiting researcher at MEDEA

Digitalization and media convergence have made efficient communication and media production tools available for most people, and it have transformed receivers and consumers to participating actors and creators. My research focuses on how the field of audiovisual media is changing, and how its actors find a role and a position in this new ecosystem.

I study the strategies related to how media companies, television channels and other established actors in the field of media interact and collaborate with bottom-up, distributed and participative communities online.

My interests include, in particular, design of audiovisual media in the context of collaborative online platforms and media installations. My current writings include e.g. chapters for edited publications on new media technologies, co-design and Living Labs; and as a designer my interest include open and collaborative design and creative re-use of audiovisual archival materials online.

I am very pleased to be able to join the MEDEA community as a visiting researcher for the spring term 2011. During my visit, I hope to deepen my knowledge of collaborative media creation as well as to learn new means to facilitate open and social innovation. In addition, I will conduct an open culture production in collaboration with the Danish broadcaster DR, which explores how media design can create use value and enhance the experience of media content.
Since 2006, I have worked as a project lead for various research, design and development projects in the Arki Research Group of the Media Lab of the Aalto University’s School of Art and Design. Arki focuses on the co-evolution of digital technologies and the practices of everyday life with a design perspective. Our work draws on experiences and practices of collaboration, participation, and open modes of design, creation and production. I am a co-founder and editor of Audiovisual Thinking, a journal of academic videos about audiovisuality, communication, media and design.

I did my MA degree at the University of Oulu, majoring in literature. I also hold MA in New Media from the Media Lab of the University of Art and Design Helsinki, where I am currently a doctoral candidate.

Image credit: Shirin K. A. Winiger CC:BY-NC-ND

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