OpenSloyd workshop at Hackathon this weekend

On Saturday between 12 am –  5 pm Otto von Busch will be attending Hackathon at Fabriken, and invites you to participate in an OpenSloyd workshop. By using the platform and tools of OpenSloyd, the workshop aims at taking the old slöjd/sloyd to the next level. During the workshop we will be building structures, models, new toys, or any crafty thing applying the Open Structures geometric grid, making things ready for further hacks and reuse. 

Everybody are welcome to join the workshop and build, hack, and explore  further. Sign up to the Hackathon by sending an e-mail to, and specify that you would like to participate in the OpenSloyd workshop (or just drop-in). Please, also register yourself at

Hackathon at Fabriken
Location: Stapelbäddsparken

On Saturday, February 19, 2011, 12 am –  5 pm