Maria Engberg: Digital Literature

In the end of January, Living Lab the Stage hosted a lecture with Dr. Maria Engberg, Blekinge Institute of Technology. She has done extensive research on digital literature and her PhD thesis is on digital poetry.

The purpose of this lecture was to give master students in interaction design an introduction to the field of digital literature and poetry, this to lay a foundation for their work within this area. Results of the student projects will be posted shortly.

• A very rough recording of the lecture can be found here: Digital Literature Part 1, Digital Literature Part 2.

• For a higher quality video recording, see Engberg’s presentation on her thesis “Born Digital: Writing Poetry in the Age of New Media” at the HUMlab at Umeå University from 2007. Engberg writes:

“This presentation is based on my doctoral dissertation which I recently defended at Uppsala University. It presents a number of Anglophone digital poems and investigates their visual, kinetic, and textual practices. Out of several contemporary subgenres I have chosen to focus on poetic practices that raise questions about spatiality, temporality, kineticism, and word-and-image construction. My chief interest lies in the question of how poetic form emerges and is orchestrated in digital media and what forms of engagement these constructions present the reader with. For instance, a common feature of digital poems is the underscoring of a multisensory experience of poetry through visual, auditive, tactile, kinetic, and textual artifice. Reading then becomes a process of viewing, listening, reading, and physically interacting with a multimedial literary work. Not surprisingly, digital poetic works often challenge our way of thinking about literature and literary scholarship. In my presentation I show some of the works I have studied and discuss ways of addressing material and hermeneutic questions for literary scholarship.”

Also have a look at what David Jhave Johnston, a multimedia-poet and doctoral student at Concordia University, has to say about Engberg’s thesis.

Selected publications
Digital Literature and the Modernist Problem (2010)
How Is Digital Poetry Avant-Garde? (2008)
Born Digital-en avhandling om digital poesi (2008)

Maria Engberg is Lecturer in English at Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona. She teaches modern, postmodern, and postcolonial literature, digital media and culture, visual studies, and literary theory.

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Image credit: Dean Terry CC:BY-NC-ND