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Granny’s at the City Library

Transmedia project Granny’s Dancing on the Table, in where MEDEA is a co-production partner, is this week working in public at the City Library in Malmö. The Granny’s team will involve the library’s visitors in the creative process of making a feature film, a game and creating a larger story-world, the “Granniverse”!

Day 1 – start start building Granny’s Library
Granny’s Library is a crucial component in the game. Visitors (on- and offline) could bring their suggestions of what books should be included in the library to @grannysdancing on Twitter or to Suggestions, this far, ranges from The Karma Sutra, anything by Jane Austin, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, On the road, Grapes of wrath to Orlando by Virginia Woolf and The Satanic Bible by Anton La Vey. Read more about Day 1 on

Day 2 – manuscript workshop
Some of what was discussed was the interaction with the city, the things that goes on there and how the world is percieved through Eini’s (the main protagonist’s) eyes. With this mindset there was also a thought about Eini’s mother being like an earthquake, a human earthquake, in her actions (earthquakes are a central theme in the story-world).

Some possible scenarios that could also arise here would be what would happen if Eini walks into a deparement store, how would Eini act? As you might have gathered, Eini is quite special in her interactions with other people. This made us wonder what kind of situation would Eini find herself in if she would try to mimic the wrong kind of person in the department store? For example trying to mimic the cashier instead of a customer. Taking it further, what if she were to imitate a foreigner or a coloured in some kind of way that could be percieved as offensive? What if Eini where to see an animal in a leash, would she hunt it or free it? Read more about Day 2 on

A report on day 3 and 4 will follow.

Image credit: Emma Blomberg

About the project
Granny’s Dancing on the Table is a transmedia production that includes an on- and offline storyworld with strong gaming elements. Participants will contribute to the production of the movie, both creatively and practically but also financially by using Granny Dollars. This project won the ARTE Pixel Pitch Prize 2010. Read more…