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Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Seminar

Social Capital Markets (SOCAP) Europe had an open seminar on how to build a platform for funding of social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Europe at MEDEA. You can view all presentations here!

So what is SOCAP about? According to SOCAP Europe’s website, SOCAP was founded in 2008 as a multi-platform organization dedicated to the flow of capital towards social good. SOCAP’s event series connects leading global innovators – investors, foundations, institutions and social entrepreneurs – to build this market at the intersection of money and meaning. They also argue that a new form of capitalism is arising that recognizes our ability to direct the power and efficiency of market systems toward social impact, leading to a more balanced set of “returns”.

(2:35) Bo Reimer, director MEDEA
(4:10) Hanna Sigsjö, coordinator of this event
(9:10) Simon Eisner, Allwin
(22:05) Petra Lilja & Jenny Norberg, Apokalyps Labotek
(32:30) Sebastian Stjern, The Fair Tailor
(43:50) Kevin Jones, Co-founder & Convener, SOCAP Markets
(58:40) Frank van Beuningen, Pymwymic
(1:06:10) Margaret McGovern and Amy Benziger, SOCAP

NB! Turn your loudspeakers down when starting the video!

The seminar was hosted by Mötesplats för Social Innovation och Samhällsentreprenörskap and MEDEA and this is the seminar schedule.

You can also have a look Två måndagar ni inte får missa from samhällsentreprenö that describes SOCAP in more detail.

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