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Messages from the HER Video Workshops

A couple of days ago MEDEA said farewell to HER, and sent the piece off to the next stop on the tour organised by Riksutställningar. HER is a seven-channel video installation created by Candice Breitz, and screened in a mobile exhibition hall. Picking up where Breitz’s earlier installations Mother + Father left off, HER use existing footage from Hollywood films to compose dense psychological vignettes. Within the imaginary space of HER (1978-2008), 28 Meryl Streeps, extracted out of films made by the actress over a period of 30 years, meet to discuss their needs, fears and desires.

Besides hosting the HER exhibition, MEDEA was also interested in exploring methods for extending the exhibition, to take it outside the exhibition space, and engage the audience in some kind of reflective practice involving the use of digital media. In collaboration with RÅFILM a number of participatory video workshops were set up, inspired by themes on identity and gender brought up in the piece. The workshop participants were invited to create their own stories based on questions, ideas, and thoughts evoked by HER. Instead of only being consumers of the kind of cultural material that HER is based upon the participants were offered to take on the role of producers, and create their own versions of the story.

Documentation from the workshops in this Flickr set


(We apologize for the poor sound quality in some of the videos.)1+1= COUPLE (or?) 
– about relationships between woman and man, HER and HIM.

Workshop I (Nov 22)

Workshop II (Nov 25)

Workshop III (Nov 30)