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Coming soon: the MEDEA Library

What do academics read? Well, to give you an idea I’ve embedded a widget that collects all tweets that contain the hashtag #medealibrary. The idea is to collect books that MEDEA’s researchers have read, tagged and reviewed.

We’re using an online book-service called Library Thing. From there we pick the right RSS-feeds. Currently, we have three feeds: one from Jonas Löwgren (Löwgren’s Library Thing catalog), one from Michael Krona (Krona’s Library Thing catalog) and one from Pernilla Severson (Severson’s Library Thing catalog). More feeds will follow.

We will, of course, develop an interface that is a lot nicer than this simple Twingly channel. This library have the potential to become a resource for interaction designers, media scholars, social innovators and service designers. Maybe you have ideas how to develop the interface?

Image credit: mksavage CC:BY-NC-SA

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