News Media Concept Lab


Based on our previous work on broadcast television and news media, Medea researchers explore together with dominant regional news-media actor Sydsvenskan the possibilities for attractive and financially viable news-media products and services in the collaborative mediascape.

Contact: Jonas Löwgren, Malmö University, and Jonas Gruvö, Sydsvenskan

Keywords: media structure transformation, news media

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Project description

The work has started in the News Media Concept Lab, where Medea and the leading regional newspaper Sydsvenskan together explore what the collaborative media and their use practices mean for established news media actors and their services.

The Lab is built around the general idea of designing innovative news services and offerings, combining the skills and expertise of collaborative media researchers from Medea with those of journalists, editors and other news media professionals from Sydsvenskan. The plan for initial activities includes a demonstrator in the Spring of 2011, presumably oriented towards place-specific media.

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