Event Photo: Next Generation Instagram

Photo applications such as Hipstamatic and Instagram have been much hyped this year. The reason, probably, is that random or selective manipulation of photos add life to the rather dull aesthetic qualities of pics snapped with an iPhone camera. But what is the next step in this photo-filter trend? Meet event photo.

Smartphones have design opportunities that yesterday’s mobile phones didn’t have, such as sensors for light, distance and spatial position. If you then add sound level parameters, you have a lot of context data that could potentially influence the look of the image; context data that neither Hipstamatic nor Instagram take advantage of. And that is just what the music event photo application does: it adds the context to the photo.

Video from the field experiment at Babel, Malmö


Image: Three examples of photos with added context

Living Lab the Stage, together with the co-producing partner Rundgång, has built and tested a first prototype. It was tried it out by five brave souls during the music event Som en aldrig sinande ström, an event that gathered Malmö bands in part influenced by Kraut music and Swedish progg.

The next step is to explore how the photo application can be further optimized for music events. The work is inspired partly by research done on context photography by the Future Applications Lab at the Victoria Institutet. The prototype was developed by Erling Björgvinsson, Bo Peterson and Mads Høbye, MEDEA.

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