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Granny’s won the ARTE Pixel Pitch Prize 2010

The MEDEA project Granny’s Dancing on the Table won the prestigious ARTE Pixel Pitch Prize of 2010, in competition with 100 projects from 23 countries. Granny’s is a transmedia production where a feature film is collaboratively produced with its audience, by using elements of gaming, social media and mobile devices and applications.

The ARTE prize was awarded at the cross-media/transmedia conference Power to the Pixel, London. Power to the Pixel is an event that brings together financers, distributors, media producers, game companies and storytellers from all over the world, trying to figure out what the future of transmedia might look like and how transmedia productions can be financed. The event is described by The Guardian as “the closest thing digital media has to The X Factor” (a British television singing competition).

Granny’s Dancing on the Table is a co-production between MEDEA, Good AB, Tangram Film, Ozma Game Design and Kore Productions.

A re-cap of the talks held at Power to the Pixel
All Pixel Pitch finalists
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Image credit: Andre Regini

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  1. Super-congrats again. I talked with Richard about your success and winning this must be a great motivator for this project.

    Granny’s really dancing on the table.

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