This website will shut down on 31 December 2021!

Plans for the second year

The blog has been quiet for a while, due to an extended summer break. Now it is high time to get going again, as the project moves into its second year.

There are two main activities on the agenda for the upcoming project year. First, we spent much of the first year doing concept work on a collaborative-media platform for producing and consuming topicalized technical information. These concepts now need to get tested in use. The plan is to start internally, by building a version of the internal training site Sigma Kudos Academy using the core concepts from our work. Next milestone is to deploy a version of our platform, a.k.a. DocFactory 2.0, in a customer project. We hope to find a project where we can study over time how the collaborative platform performs in use.

The other main activity addresses the process of developing awareness and shaping new practices within SigmaKudos, in the direction of collaborative media. Here, we will engage in internal training and strategic activities as well as awareness-raising and design-oriented activities with key customers.