(Re)designing the Regions 3 – Ezio Manzini, Francesca Rizzo

The third day of (Re)designing the Regions was co-organized by the 27e Region and DESIS Europe Project (Design for Innovation and Sustainability). DESIS is a network of schools of design and other schools, institutions, companies and non-profit organizations interested in promoting and supporting design for social innovation and sustainability. It is a light, no-profit organization, conceived as a network of partners collaborating in a peer-to-peer spirit.

Ezio Manzini, Politecnico di Milano
Manzini speaks on Urban-rural regions: Parco Sud Milano and Shanghai Chong Ming Island. Keywords are new food network; urban vs rural areas; sustainable local development.

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Francesca Rizzo, Politecnico de Milano
Rizzo speaks on Urban dynamization: the Lower East Side. A Parsons School project.