Origin – visualizing the environmental impact of a product

Do you ever ask yourself where the ingredients of that chocolate bar have been produced? Do you have any idea of what the ecological footprint of the beer you’re drinking is? Interaction design students Joacim Löwgren and Jonas Stenberg have developed Origin, an interactive service with a mission to open up people’s eyes to the consequences of their purchases.

Origin represents the lifecycle  and environmental impact of any product chosen by the user. It is an attempt to shed light on the ongoing issues the world as a whole is facing regarding global warming and excessive transportation distances. In our work we try to do this in the most easily understandable and simplistic manner possible. Origin is based on the premise that the world could be a better place with the smallest of adjustments in behavior. It calls attention to activities occuring in day to day life and to the consequences of peoples actions.

Demo video

Origin from Jonas Stenberg on Vimeo.

View or download the paper ORIGINS – an Interaction Design and Visualization Study in an Environmental Context.