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Do-tank: ParaPolis

Quick Pitch: ParaPolis – Prototyping the City. Parapolis explores tools for urban planning by developing new forms of representations and processes for dialogue. By making scenarios of the future visible and tangible, even non-professionals can take part in the process. Citizens can sketch their own visions in the Panorama Studio. The sketches are then deployed in the Parascope where you can compare the future to the present. In Parapolis, all citizens can co-create their urban environment.

Presentation (eng)
Erik Sandelin, Unsworn Industries, gives a brief introduction to the project: “Many cities today seek to involve and engage citizens in the city planning. We have been experimenting with finding tools and methods to actually do this in practice.”

Interview (swe)
Erik Sandelin, Unsworn Industries, talks about the panorama studio and the Parascope as tools for the city to talk with its citizens.

Co-production partners: Unsworn Industries, City of Malmö, Testbedstudios, University of Gothenburg and MEDEA.

Contact: Erik Sandelin, Unsworn Industries.

Links: Flickr set of photos from the workshop at Nydala, read more about the Parascope.

This project is one out of the seven do-tanks that were introduced to the public on the 3rd of June 2010. Here’s a complete list of MEDEA’s Do-Tanks 2010.