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Right Place, Right Time—Jon Kolko (Medea Talks #13)

JON KOLKO is an Associate Creative Director at Frog Design and he is MEDEA’s entrepreneur-in-residence in May. Kolko is also the Director of Austin Center for Design, a new educational institution in Austin, Texas. He has extensive experience in the professional world of interaction design. Prior to working at frog and Austin Center for Design, Kolko was a Professor of Interaction and Industrial Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

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Jon Kolko talks about “Right Place, Right Time_”
Friday, May 7 15:00-17:00

Jon Kolko’s MEDEA Talk focuses on how design – a thoughtful discipline related to the humanization of technology in culture – has come into its own. It is no longer considered a hybrid of art and science, nor is it to be trivialized as aesthetics or decoration. One can approach the world from a perspective of design. It’s now an opportune time to try this lens in unexpected places – in business, in politics, and in popular culture. His talk explores the world from this perspective and through this lens, and describe both the challenges and opportunities in bringing this viewpoint to life.

Jon Kolko will also hold a weekly discussion series, intended to explore the role of design synthesis in the context of complex problems.

Moderator: Ingrid Sommar, design journalist

The Medea Talk is for free and is followed by Q&A and conversation.

Jon Kolko
Friday, May 7,
15:00-17:00 at MEDEA
Östra Varvsgatan 11A, Malmö (map)