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Malmö Festival Interventions (2008)

Malmöfestivalen is a one-week street festival held every year in mid-August in Malmö. In 2008, Inkonst worked with researchers and designers at Malmö University and with TAT to create a multi-perspective view of the festival by facilitating and collecting video blogs.

Six “reporters” were chosen and equipped with cellphone video broadcast technology, and their impressions and interpretations from the festival were collected as Youtube playlists.

The interests and personalities of the “reporters” (Anders Carlsson, Rakel Chukri, Collabo Queens, Saga Gärde, Gudrun Hauksdottir, Behrang Miri) shine through in a way that is clearly more fragmented and genre-crossing than traditional journalism. Yet the clips manage to convey a fascinating and somewhat unique Gestalt of the event.

Malmö University credits: Erling Björgvinsson, Per-Anders Hillgren, Bo Reimer, Richard Topgaard

Links: Read more about Bloggen on the MCCM website.