City Symphony Malmö (2009)

For two months, pro-am film makers from all over Malmö took part in the collecting of documentary video footage. Footage was uploaded by the participants to the City Symphony Portal and was disseminated for remixing by the means of P2P-technology, using The Pirate Bay as torrent distributor. The footage was manipulated in real-time and had musicians perform live-music on the 5th of May, 2009, at Doc Lounge, Inkonst, Malmö and it was broadcast live using the live-streaming service Bambuser. In all, 40 members signed up on the City Symphony Portal and about half of them contributed with video footage. A total of about 60 videos were uploaded.

Also read Björgvinsson and Høg Hansen’s article in Journal of Media Practice, City Symphony Malmö: the spatial politics of non-institutional memory.

The collaboratively produced documentary/arts film City Symphony Malmö was a co-production between Doc Lounge Malmö, Inkonst TV, The Malmö Collaborative Cross-Media Project, VJs Erik Sandelin & Andreas Kurtsson (TV-OUT), musicians/composers Erik Mikael Karlsson & Fredrik Norrgren (Svensk Normaltid) and pro-am film makers from all over Malmö.

Malmö University credits: Erling Björgvinsson, Per-Anders Hillgren, Bo Reimer, Richard Topgaard

Links: read more about this experiment on the MCCM website.