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National Innovation Leadership and National and Local Cultural Styles—Bob Jacobson (Medea Talks #10)

ROBERT JACOBSON is the first entrepreneur-in-residence at MEDEA. He’s the Principal of Bluefire Consulting in Tucson, Arizona, and a Senior Innovation Management Consultant and Futurist with Gemba A/S, Vedbæk, Denmark. Bob began his northern adventures as a Fulbright Scholar studying the impact of then-new cellular telephony on transborder communities in the nordic arctic circle. Bob’s been a senior telecom and information policy advisor with the California Legislature, CEO of two high-tech startups in Silicon Valley, and editor and contributor to Information Design (MIT Press 2000). His current focus is design for experience.

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Moderator: Susanna Bill, Entrepreneur and former Innovation Manager at Sony Ericsson

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This MEDEA Talk was organized by MEDEA’s entrepreneur-in-residence, Bob Jacobson.