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Medea Talks | November 21

Critical Fabulations: Reworking the Methods and Margins of Design

With Daniela Rosner, author of Critical Fabulations (MIT Press 2018) and assistant professor in Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington

Podcast | The Truth About Fake News? On Disinformation, Censorship and Democracy

Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year 2016 was post-truth. Together with “fake news”, this is one of the most widely discussed digital phenomena in recent years. Why should we care, and can we do anything about it? In this episode, media scholars Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt and Johan Farkas discuss fake news and post-truth in relation to democracy.

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Lecture | Pelle Ehn

Design, Democracy and Participation: Exploring the Scandinavian Participatory Design Tradition

What has it meant to be a collective designer during the last 100 years?

New Article | Infrastructuring Urban Commons Over Time

The participatory design/co-design community has increasingly been interested in notions of commons and commoning. This article by Anna Seravalli explores “urban commoning” based on two cases: a makerspace and a waste-handling service in Malmö, Sweden. How do you create urban commons that are sustainable in the long run?

New research project

The People Behind the Algorithm

Jakob Svensson brings a sociological perspective to the study of algorithms

Medea Talks | Video available soon

Perspectives and Collective Future-Making

With Nick Montfort, poet and professor of digital media at MIT

Medea Talks | Video available on request

Art, media, and urban dynamics in revolutionary cities. The case of Tahrir square, Cairo

With Marwa Dabaieh, architect and researcher at the department of Urban Studies, Malmö University.

Medea Talks | Video

The End of Man: Species Vulnerability in the Anthropocene

With Joanna Zylinska, artist, curator and Professor of New Media at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Online publication

The New Human

Participants of the New Human symposium were invited to reflect on what it’s like to be human in the Anthropocene epoch. This is the result:

The New Human(s): Colossal Humble Creatures Situated on the Earth

Sverre Raffnsøe further develops the talk given by him at the symposium, outlining the contours of the epoch of the Anthropocene as well as discussing the challenges this epoch presents for the arts.

The Archival Body: Re-enactments, affective doubling and surrogacy

Susan Kozel explores the relationships between the body, memory practices, and materiality.

Metal Memos

Martin Farran-Lee contributes with this six-image series about a world that is getting progressively harder to understand.

Can the driverless car be ethically programmed?

Niclas N. Hundahl argues that engineers need to team up with  philosophers and cultural scholars to program the algorithms.

Corpus Delicti: A Poetic Provocation of the Posthuman

Viktoria Kalonaityte: “I am no one’s future. Certainly not yours.”

Medea Talks | December 7

Exploring the Active and Interventionist Humanities

With Patrik Svensson, visiting Professor of Digital Humanities at UCLA, and former Director of HUMlab at Umeå University.

Video is now online | Medea Talks

Framing Wonder: A Mission for Design

With Ann Light, Professor of Design and Creative Technology

Video is now online! | Medea Talks

Is There Any Point To Political Art in the 21st Century?

With Harry Giles, Writer and Poet

Researcher network:

Collaborative Future Making

“If we don’t want the political visions to be dominated by populist dreams or outdated economical-political models, we need to articulate and debate alternative futures. This is what the Collaborative Future Making network sets out to do, through co-design and participatory processes.”

Video is now online! | Medea Talks

Where is “the Human” in Digital Health Technology?

With Kirsten Ostherr, Medical Futures Lab

Video is now online!

What will we mean by privacy in the future?

With Marju Lauristin, on “EU Data Protection Policy in the Digital Environment”

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Medea Talks—Video now online!


A discussion on apolitical technology,
and if computers can make ethical decisions

Medea Talks—Video now online!

Bats of the Republic:
The Making of an Illuminated Novel

With author, book designer and professor Zach Dodson

Medea Talks—Video

Drifting by Intention:
Design Research from the Inside

With Peter Gall Krogh
Professor of Design
Aarhus University

Medea Talks—Video


Gwenola Wagon &
Stéphane Degoutin

Medea Talks—Video


With Mary Brydon-Miller, director of the
Action Research Center at the University of Cincinnati, USA

Medea Talks—Video


Ezio Manzini


Marginal notes on innovation, design, and democracy

Collaborative Media

Production, Consumption, and Design Interventions